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“Dear Laura, it has taken me a few weeks to accept the loss of Oscar, but putting things into prospective now, I want to take this opportunity to express how much Henry and I appreciated all the work, care and attention that you and your staff gave to the Reiter family.

As you know, Oscar with his wife Charlotte moved from Florida to Kivel in order to receive the personalized type of care you offer and also to be closer to family after Charlotte had her stroke.  This was especially helpful to Henry and myself, not only permitting us to visit on a regular basis, but also knowing that in the even we were unable to travel to Phoenix, which did happen from time to time, there was no need to worry about the welfare of either Charlotte or Oscar because Kivel took care of everything.  I might add here that this was not the case in Florida!
Kivel demonstrated time and time again how caring, thoughtful and respectful you were of the residents needs and recognized when and how to support them at various times.  When Oscar had his eye removed, for example, the staff monitored his recuperation most carefully.  They gave him 24/7 personal attention, making sure that he was receiving all the care, medications and proper nutrition to make a quick recovery. Which, he did thanks to you.  And, after Kivel encouraged Oscar to join in the many daily activities available, whether for fun or exercise, there was always something of interest to offer. We would often hear how Oscar went out to lunch with a group (a Chinese buffet was his favorite) or perhaps to do some shopping, etc.  Then there were the monthly birthday celebrations with entertainment, which was a ‘big hit.’ And, Oscar especially loved to visit with all the residents.

One of the daily habits Oscar liked to do was to take a small walk and sit outside on one of the benches enjoying the sunshine and visiting with his friends.  This was something he never did, even in his own home in Florida, because the weather was too humid and oppressive for him. He also noted, as did I, how well the facility as a whole is maintained.  Whenever there was the slightest issue, it was taken care of immediately.  Very impressive! Oscar used to tell me about the council meetings which enabled every resident to share and discuss concerns, always cumulating in a positive.  This was especially inspiring to Oscar who loved to participate.

Toward the last few months as Oscar needed more daily rest in his apartment, it was remarkable to me how everyone came to visit him.  Whoever it was, from the kitchen staff, the nursing staff or the residents, somehow, every day I would hear that people had come to visit and I know that this was very comforting to Oscar.

What is very apparent to anyone who visits Kivel is the special warmth, friendship and exceptional care that your facility offers to everyone.  I cannot think of any other place that treats all residents like family, and I thank you so very much for everything you and your staff have done for Charlotte, Oscar and our family. With much regard and many blessings,”
– Terri Raymond and the Reiter family

“Laura and all of the Staff at Kivel, I want to tell you all how very much I appreciate all your patience and tenderness you showed towards my mother, Shirley Hyman, while she lived at Kivel. My gratitude is immeasurable and saying ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough.  I always knew she was in good hands at Kivel and it helped me rest a little easier when I couldn’t be there with her.  Mom really loved it there and loved all of you very much.  Some people might say, ‘They are just doing their job’. But, she knew, and I knew, it was more than that. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.”
– Nancy Dean

“Hi Laura, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all of the extra care and loving kindness that was put into the care of our precious mother! It really helped us to be encouraged when we were unable to be with her.  She is now free and flittering around paradise in her new body. Our love to all,”
– Jane and David Lanergan

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Life Is Off Track The way you run your business, is directly linked to how you run your life. When your life is off purpose, your business will be too. Sometimes you have to STOP worrying about everything and just immerse yourself into "DOING." Get into action and let the details sort themselves out. Because of you. Blaming outside circumstances happens when we don’t take FULL responsibility for our actions. Even though outside circumstances will throw your business around from time to time, ultimately, you have to be willing to take 100% responsibility for its ultimate direction and success or failure. Because you are relying on your employees to make all of the decisions. Bad move. Genuine leadership MUST come from the equity owners, and then be implemented from top down, as NO ONE will care about your business like you do, and when you find someone who does, pay them handsomely or let them buy in. Business is NOT a democratic process. If that works for you, great. Failure to capitalize properly has killed plenty of my business endeavors. Don’t start something without knowing what it will really cost to do it right UP FRONT. Failure to control your emotions and stay focused. While the justin houston limited jersey same passionate, emotional energy helps your sales and makes you a super leader or sales machine, it’s best to remember that the opposite of that energy can rip your business apart faster than you built it.
a vision in the 21st Century may not be enough for today’s leaders. What may be more advantageous today is the ability to own a strong sense of purpose and the ability to convey this purposefulness to your employees and coworkers. Purposefulness can be more powerful than a vision because it shares the ambition of growing your business with others. Understanding what the real purpose behind the vision is will inspire others. A vision, on the other hand, may make sense only to Technology has opened up new avenues for communicating and working in today’s work force. Today’s business environment benefits greatly from a culture of collaboration within your business and across all departments, both internally and externally. The Internet makes this extremely easy to do at a very low cost. Collaboration is a technique that can quickly add to your bottom line if you’re able to develop a system where everyone can play their part in contributing ideas or increasing sales. Another advantage of inculcating

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health provides exceptional maternity and parental leave top up payments to employees who are new mothers (to 87% of salary for 52 weeks) and offers an option to extend their leave into an unpaid leave of absence also offers parental top up to new fathers and adoptive parents (to 87% of salary for 37 weeks) and manages an onsite daycare facility employees can take advantage of when they are ready to return to work The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital as well as one of the world’s leading research centres for mental health and addiction. CAMH is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and is recognized as a Pan American Health Organization and a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre. The Centre provides accessible care for persons with mental illness or addiction, and manages programs and services in assessment, brief early intervention, residential programs, day treatment, continuing care and family support. CAMH’s physical workplace is rated as above average
Bertha won dig until at least March Contractors now say the giant tunnel drill known as Bertha won get moving again until next spring, another setback in the state Highway 99 project beneath downtown Seattle. The machine main drive bearing needs to be replaced, and Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP) earlier said it expected to have Bertha on the move by September. That goal was delayed Monday, until the end of March. But there been a change in strategy. Contractors now intend to peel away the steel skin, or shield, from the cylindrical tunnel drill. They hoist the entire cutter head, drive axle and bearing in one piece some 2,000 tons altogether and set those on the surface. Open triumphGolfers Peyton Broncos Alternate Navy Blue Mens Jersey give bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Elson Floyd, WSU’s ‘visionary’ president, dies Then the bearing will be replaced at street level, before the assembly is lowered and reattached early next year. Chris Dixon, STP project director, said this method will allow a more accurate
teaching and enhance learning." After learning of the triumph, Sally Challis Manning Assistant Principal for Quality, said of the award, "Winning this award is a very proud moment for Chichester College. This initiative has raised aspirations, encouraged teachers to take risks, embrace innovation and ultimately improve our student’s experience and success rates. I firmly believe the feedback after a lesson observation is the most powerful professional development a teacher can receive and teachers should be supported by experienced and qualified observers who focus on development. In Mach 2014 the college was graded as overall outstanding by Ofsted and the outstanding teaching and learning was highly praised. Chichester College continues to take the lead on teaching and learning in the sector." For Chichester College Principal, Shelagh Legrave, the award is justification for the hard work put in by the College over the past year. She said: "I am so proud as Principal
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. We investigated the offline spirits chains and found that it was not a remunerative business model as property rentals were too high and single store sales too low. I attended a university lecture where I learned that selling spirits online doesn’t [require] rental fees and it can reach nationwide consumers more efficiently by stepping over the many levels of dealers and agents. We hope to reach consumers through whatever channels they are buying spirits from. Revenue from our official website and mobile orders is 60% of total sales. The other 40% comes from China’s major e commerce third party platforms (including Tmall, JingDong, Yihaodian and Dangdang). We are very important partners for them in spirits sales. There are many ways to sell spirits. To serve customers better, we have this year launched new business units online to offline (O2O) and consumer to business (C2B) models. The B2C business mainly serves the demand to buy
Chancellor receives honorary degree from the Royal Veterinary College Vice Chancellor, Professor Neil Gorman, has been awarded with an Honorary Degree from the Royal Veterinary College in wholesale nfl jerseys from china London. The award was given after Professor Gorman was recommended by the schools nominations and fellowships committee earlier this year. As one of the world’s leading specialist veterinary institutions, the Royal Veterinary College’s Honorary degree (DVetMed) is awarded to individuals that contribute significantly to the field of veterinary science and education. Professor Gorman has also played a vital role in the future of veterinary teaching, leading on the development of the future education strategy for the veterinary profession in the UK 2010 2020. He has also received an honorary DVMS from the University of Glasgow in 2004 and an honorary DVSc from the University of Liverpool in 2006. The Vice Chancellor is also an honorary fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

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