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Make a positive impact on the community and volunteer. You’ll make new friends and create opportunities for fun while building your self-esteem. Better still, when you devote your time, talent and special skills to help our residents foster a strong, lively and fun life, you make a lasting difference and impression on the hearts of those who reside here.
Help nurture our residents and improve their quality of life by giving your friendship, knowledge and warmth today. Contact us for volunteer opportunities.

  • Help with organized resident activities: Bingo, shopping outings, craft groups, services, restaurant outings, manicures, games, computer activities
  • Take residents outside for walks and patio visits
  • Letter writing
  • Provide companionship and 1 to 1 socialization visits
  • Pet visits


Join the more than 400 members who support the Phoenix Jewish Community’s Home for Senior Living – the Kivel Campus of Care. You are invited to become part of a legacy that began in 1958, where you can enrich the lives of our residents by getting involved in The Auxiliary.
A variety of activities are available so you can choose how you can best give back. Perhaps you’d like to raise funds to enhance the residents’ lives. Funds have been generated to add amenities, from a state-of-the-art Media Center to an ice cream parlor. Other funds were used to open a dental and ophthalmology clinic, provide safe and comfortable resident transportation and adding to the comforts of modern living with cable T.V. and renovated dining rooms.
Without the dedication, hard work and effort of our volunteers, the Auxiliary could not offer the quality independent senior living and assisted living enjoyed by so many in our community.
You can Volunteer or get involved in the Auxiliary or Volunteer to enrich the lives of the seniors who call Kivel Campus of Care home. Contact us to find out how.

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    B’s Nogalitos store to open Friday after undergoing major makeover After tearing down its oldest operating store and building a new store in its place, H E B’s Nogalitos location will re open Friday, Jan. 16 Nelson Agholor Authentic Jersey as the company’s first two story grocery store in Texas. The former 26,000 square foot grocery store at 1601 Nogalitos St. was built in 1945. It closed last summer so H E B could expand the store. Yet H E B couldn’t add another wing to the property because the space was landlocked. Instead of moving the location, H E B decided to demolish the original store and construct a new two story building in its place. The new store is more than double the size of the original store to 60,000 square feet. The store sits atop a parking garage and an escalator carries carts and customers to the second floor. H E B has similar two story stores in Mexico, but this is the first time the concept has been executed in Texas. Alex Toscano, store director, said he was happy to see the entire project come together for the community. He said the store’s regular shoppers will enjoy its new departments including a bakery, a deli, florist and pharmacy.
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They also added WR Tony Lippett in the 5th round, as well, for additional depth.After years of disappointment at the running back position, 2014 saw Lamar Miller finally break out with over 1000 yards and 8 TDs. However, I don feel like the Dolphins management are sold on him and will be looking to give 5th round pick Jay Agayi some early season reps and see what he can do and if the concerns about his knee ( on bone are a valid long term concern.The Dolphins D were a middle of the pack defense in 2014, but they are expected to take a big step forward in 2015. They landed the biggest defensive prize in free agency in the form of Ndamukong Suh. They Authenitc C.J.Mosley jersey paid a LOT for him, but, if he stays out of trouble, he is definitely a difference maker. The Dolphins also added DT Elite White Dan Orlovsky jersey Jordan Phillips from Oklahoma in the 2nd round of the draft. Playing alongside a Suh should boost Phillips game since Suh will see constant double teams.Fantasy starters: QB Ryan Tannehill, RB Lamar Miller, WR DeVante Parker, WR Kenny Stills, Dolphins DFantasy bench: WR Jarvis Landry, Elite White C.J.Mosley jersey WR Greg Jennings, TE Authenitc Womens C.J.Mosley jersey Jordan CameronFantasy Sleeper: RB Jay AgayiNew York Jets:The Mens C.J.Mosley jersey Jets decided to oust their coach and then proceeded to vastly improve the one area that he took pride in. After giving Rex Ryan his pink slip, the Jets promptly signed CB Darrelle Revis to a monster contract and paired him, once again, Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey with CB Antonio Cromartie, who also signed a very nice Elite Kids Deandre Levy jersey contract in free agency. These two will help hide the Jets deficiencies at linebacker with their single coverage. Up front, they had the top defensive lineman in Leonard Authenitc Blue Dan Orlovsky jersey Williams fall into their lap at Kids Haloti Ngata jersey the 6th pick. The defense may be the most improved unit on either side of the ball in the NFL.On the offensive side of the ball, they picked up RB Zac Stacy from St. Louis for virtually a plane ticket and oft injured Stevan Ridley in free agency to add to a crowded, but talented, backfield. At the WR position, they added Brandon Marshall for a low draft pick Authenitc Womens C.J.Mosley jersey and drafted WR Devin Smith Elite White Deandre Levy jersey from Ohio State to line up with carry over WR Eric Decker. Smith has the speed that the other receivers do not have. While the Jets do not have a QB under contract that scares a defensive with deep accuracy, Elite C.J.Mosley jersey every team does need a threat to stretch the field a bit. That being said, the key to this team will be at the QB position. Can Geno Smith turn the corner in 2015? If not, the Jets will be quick to bench him in favor of veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick. Adding Bryce Petty via the draft won factor much into 2015 but he was a nice value pick in the 4th round for the future.Fantasy starters: WR Brandon Marshall, Jets DFantasy bench: RB Chris Ivory, WR Eric DeckerFantasy Sleeper: RB Authenitc White Dan Orlovsky jersey Devin Smith, TE Jace AmaroNew England Patriots:The biggest question right now is what kind of penalty will Tom Brady be looking at for Deflategate? It could be a large fine, but it sure seems like the NFL will be handing down a multi game suspension. Will it be 2 games or 6? The Under/Over at the offshore sportsbooks puts it at 3.5 games. With the big losses on defense; Vince Wilfork, Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis, this team was bound to take a step back this year Elite Dan Orlovsky jersey regardless of the suspension. They did get DT Malcom Brown from Texas with the last pick of the 1st round, which was an absolute steal, but the NFL learning curve is steep for a rookie DT. The same thing can be said for 2nd round pick S Jordan Richards from Stanford. Nice pick, but expect to see him get educated on the playing field.They added zero players on offense that weren under contract last season. I expect to see WR Danny Amendola take a step forward this year based on being healthy and finally getting to play a role in the Authenitc Kids Barry Sanders jersey offense after being under contract for two seasons.Fantasy starters: QB Tom Brady, RB LeGarrett Blount, TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Julian Edelman, WR Brandon LaFellFantasy bench: RB Jonas GrayFantasy Sleeper: WR Danny AmendolaThe Bills made their biggest splashes in the off season by signing coach Rex Ryan and trading for RB LeSean McCoy. They had one of the best defenses in the league last season and that should continue under Ryan this season. McCoy is a big improvement over the running back by committee approach of injury prone running backs that Buffalo has been rolling out the past few years. They also added veteran QB Matt Cassel to replace the veteran QB Kyle Orton after he retired. Manuel would need to greatly outshine Cassel to get the starting nod from Rex Ryan. The Bills have stud WR Sammy Watkins but were lacking a running mate until they brought WR Percy Harvin along in free agency with Ryan from the Jets.Giving up their first Authenitc Haloti Ngata jersey round pick this year in a trade last season to get Watkins limited their high end draft picks and they did little with what they had left though they seemed to favor Florida State grads; taking CB Ronald Darby Authenitc Womens C.J.Mosley jersey in the 2nd round, RB Karlos Williams in the 5th round and TE Nick O in the 6th round. The Bills have been looking for a solid TE option for years and O could end up Authenitc C.J.Mosley jersey filling that role.Fantasy starters: RB LeSean McCoy, WR Sammy Watkins, TE Charles ClayFantasy bench: RB Fred Jackson, WR Percy HarvinFantasy Sleeper: TE Nick OBill Parsons is the owner of Maximum Fantasy Sports and a rabid fantasy sports participant. He began creating his own football and baseball fantasy leagues at the ripe old age of seven; tracking stats and standings on paper. Bill decided to create a real time fantasy football league website that includes all of the best features and some of which have never been attempted at any other website. Maximum Fantasy Sports offers Free Fantasy Football leagues, Free Fantasy Football Pools, and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Full season Public Fantasy Football Leagues with cash payouts.
    underlying overtraining syndrome. Top of Elite Black Tuukka Rask Jersey pagePrevalence of overtraining and impact on performanceThe prevalence of overtraining syndrome is difficult to Women Marc Savard Jersey estimate, because it requires surveying large groups Elite Black Bobby Orr Jersey of athletes from diverse sports over long periods of time. Moreover, the Elite Bobby Orr Jersey term overtraining elicits a strong reaction from coaches and athletes, who are often reluctant to identify particular athletes as overtrained. Nevertheless, it is Elite Black Jeremy Lauzon Jersey a term widely recognized among high performance athletes across virtually Authenitc White Marc Elite Chris Kelly Jersey Savard Jersey Authenitc White Jeremy Lauzon Jersey all sports. It is estimated that, Authenitc Gold Chris Authenitc Black Chris Kelly Jersey Kelly Jersey at any given time, between 7 and Elite Gold Bobby Orr Jersey 20% Kid Bobby Orr Jersey of all athletes may exhibit symptoms of overtraining syndrome.9, 10, 11 The prevalence Elite Black Jeremy Lauzon Jersey varies by sport and is thought to be highest in endurance sports requiring high volume intense training, such as swimming, triathlon, road cycling, rowing and, to a lesser extent, distance running. Except for distance running, high performance athletes in these Women Jeremy Lauzon Jersey sports Authenitc Black Marc Savard Jersey frequently train for 4 h each day, 6 days per Authenitc Gold Patrice Bergeron Jersey week for several
    each year Youth Dougie Hamilton Jersey to the winning team of the National Football League’s championship game, the Super Bowl. The trophy has been awarded since 1967, when the Super Bowl was originally named the AFL NFL World Championship Game. Youth Tuukka Rask Jersey In 1970 the trophy was renamed in memory of legendary Green Bay Packers head coach . Lombardi was revered as a football coach for his victories in the first two Super Bowls. He died suddenly from cancer. The naming of the trophy was to honor his achievements and serve as a lasting memorial for his leadership. According to Wikipedia, "the trophy, created by Tiffany Co. is valued at $25,000, and depicts a regulation size football in Women Marc Savard Jersey kicking position that is made entirely of sterling silver, standing Youth Chris Kelly Jersey 22 inches (56 cm) tall, weighing 7 pounds (3.2 kg), it takes approximately four months and 72 man hours to create. The words " Trophy" are engraved and the NFL shield is affixed in a separate item onto the base. After the trophy is awarded, it is sent back to Tiffany’s
    A family preparing for one funeral now must plan two more after two relatives traveling to the service were killed and seven others injured Friday when their van flipped on Florida’s Turnpike in south Osceola County. Five children were among the people hurt when the 15 passenger van ran onto the shoulder and into some trees,cheap fake ray bans, sailed over a culvert and landed upside down,Cheap Adidas 350 Boost For Sale, the Florida Highway Patrol said. "There were no skid marks or any type of evidence of braking action,cheap michael kors handbags," said Lt. Pat Santangelo,Wholesale John Abraham Jersey, an FHP spokesman. Thursday,Yeezy 550 For Cheap Sale, said Bessie "Lynn" Banks,Jersey Wholesale For Cheap Sale, 28,cheap fake ray bans, one of the survivors. The trip is about 575 miles. They were planning to visit family before today’s funeral for Jeff Williams Jr.,discount christian louboutin, 68,replica oakleys, of Okeechobee,John Brown Jersey Paypal Online, another relative. Family and the FHP identified those killed as Annie "Melvin" Brooks,discount ray bans, 54,Authenitc NBA Jersey Free Shipping, and her daughter Tabatha "Pam" Page,oakley sunglasses, 34,cheap sunglasses, both of Foley. Banks is Page’s sister and Brooks’ daughter. "They just were great people,nfl jerseys online," said Banks,cheap ray bans, who works in a factory. "They
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