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Welcome to Kivel Campus of Care

Residents of Kivel Manor enjoy life to the fullest in a thriving community that supports independence and builds self-esteem for an unmatched quality of life. Here, social and emotional needs of people of all faiths are met while adhering to our Jewish values to always promote warmth, dignity and respect.

If you’re searching for affordable independent senior living and assisted living, you’ve found it in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1958, Kivel Campus of Care has been enriching the lives of seniors in a quality environment of love and compassion.

Kivel Campus of Care Values
Kindness, Integrity, Virtue, Excellence & Love

Kivel Campus of Care broke ground back in 1958 and since then, Kivel has built a reputation for caring based on commitment to residents’ independence, self-esteem and quality of life; a dedication to meeting social and emotional needs, in addition to providing quality of life for our residents and an environment of love.

Our Mission:

Kivel strives to provide a community that supports and upholds the dignity and autonomy of the senior adults in order that they may realize their optimum human potential.

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